Saying yes

Having been in Italy over a month, the most important lesson I have learned is the importance of saying yes.  This means accepting all invites, even though they might seem scary or not your kind of thing. At first I was a bit apprehensive about doing this but I knew that if I didn’t I would be spending my year abroad pretty much alone. So I decided to really make the most of my year abroad because after all

So that is exactly what I did. By just accepting the offers that teachers were giving me I found that I have got lot of opportunities such as:

Meeting new people and makeing new friends

Meeting relatives andthe son’s and daughters of the teachers at school, is definitely a way make new friendships.


Last weekend I visited Lecce, a city in Puglia about an hour and 40 minutes by train from Martina, there was so much to see, a nice change from my small town. I also visited Locorotondo, which is a town very close to Martina and believe it or not even smaller, but ithad beautiful views and buildings and churches definitely worth the visit.

Food, so much food

I tried out some amazing Puglian cusine: Puglia is known for its orechiette which is a type of pasta, I tried some of it homemade and it was delicious! All pasta in Italy is amazing. I also fell in love with Italian dolci– so many to choose from with chocolate, cream, fruit, nuts you name it they have it! And finally tried Italian ‘hot chocolate’ – which is basically melted chocolate in a cup…wasn’t expecting that!

I did all this in a space of a long weekend, just by accepting the invites and offers from teachers and people I have met. I’m excited to see what other opportunities and new experiences I will encounter in the next 7 months.


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